Coconad – delivering business growth in a lush land of the finest coconuts

After its consolidation in the largest personal care market, KLF wanted to further establish itself as a multi-category player. The re-entry of KLF into the “CookCare” segment had to be a measured step. Trancend | Orb was commissioned to develop this new brand with a clear growth mandate.

One of key insights in this category was that the consumer is looking for trust & authenticity. We also understood that health aspects, rancidity & unique process were important to position the new brand. This lead us to develop a name that is larger than life. “Coconad” a pure land with lushest coconuts and happy people. The name allowed us to expand the range from just oils to Coconut Milk, Coconut Powder, Coconut Cream etc. and thereby taking ownership of the category.

The campaign to launch the brand was a high power blitz featuring the lead actor & celebrity Mohanlal. The advertisement features Mohanlal as the King of Coconad. The brand has been well accepted by the channel, customers & consumers.

Coconad has crossed over 500 tons in four months of its launch delivering its promise of a “ Healthy Nad & Tasty Nad”.