With a legacy of over 30 years, Sonarome is a leading manufacturer of high quality flavors and fragrances across key clients globally. The  F & F market being characterized by high barriers such as access to knowledge of local cravings, health & wellness, global fusions and sustainability it is important for a provider brand to take cognizance and act.

Mr. T.S Gulhati the chairman understood the need to repurpose the Sonarome brand to catalyze its growth potential and had placed his faith on Trancend | Orb to arrive at the new formula of success.

The elaborate stakeholder insight development process led Trancend | Orb to believe that the core ingredient of Sonarome’s success was being a co-creator who knew exactly how the product & market will evolve for the client. This  insight paved way for the new brand positioning “ See Beyond”.

Trancend developed a brand roadmap that had several recommendations to build the core ethos with a set of brand values to surge its partnership & thought leadership with all its stakeholders. This included several initiatives such as the Sonarome Center of Excellence, the Sonarome Academy of Senses, Sonarome IdeaSense Program & many more.

These brand initiatives is already showing its positive signs with a new roster of clients such as Wrigley, Perfetti Van Mille and many others.

Trancend also has developed an online platform for the growing new food entrepreneurs, this Initiative will be launched shortly.