FifthGear- Creating a new age GizmoTronics brand

Nuvo Ventures is group of experienced professionals in the distribution of consumer electronics. They always knew the electronics market is set to grow exponentially across India and were interested in getting into retailing. Meanwhile Trancend had internally developed a concept called the “betterlife” a concept store that specializes in consumer durables representing world’s best & unique brands that create new standards by design.

On hearing the “BetterLife” idea Nuvo commissioned Trancend | Orb to develop this concept into a functional retail chain store.

Insights led us to believe that electronics products with short technology cycles worked differently when compared with white goods. There was a clear need to address this highly aspirational segment with a carefully curated offering leaving aside durables & appliances. The category of smart phones, tablets, image capture & computing was always fast-paced, fully charged and raring to go.

This led to creation of the name “FifthGear” a brand that lets you unleash the best in you. To add a dimension to the name we coined a new word “Gizmotronics” and have helped the brand register under trademarks.

To fast track its expansion and growth we advised the brand to offer a online retailing platform and this would not only break the limited boundaries that physical retailing will offer but also offer smart inventories and create convenience for customers and the advantage of price when they buy their gizmo’s.