KLF Nirmal Industries were to launch a Virgin coconut oil, which was a first of its kind in the Indian markets. A simultaneous launch of the Jasmine fragrant coconut oil was also planned.

The challenge 
The Virgin oil pack needed to have a premium look and establish a new category in the market. The oil could be used for cooking and external application. Hence it was important to be neutral about its use.

Un-wrapping the idea
The Virgin Oil pack was designed using illustrations of coconuts in a woodcut style with sleek typography giving it an extremely premium look. The benefits of the oil were highlighted as icons to very clearly establish its goodness. The pack did extremely well in its test launch and has now been released in the Middle East and US markets.

Staying broadly within the design template, the Jasmine oil pack was created depicting a modern urban woman with flowers cascading down her hair thereby emphasizing its fragrance cues. The benefits of the oil were highlighted as icons on the pack, which helped immensely in differentiating it from competition.