Cocosoft – Handmade all Natural Coconut Soap

During one of our site visits to the KLF factory we found a by-product of Coconut being packed in large cans that were being sent to Ayurvedic houses to use in their various therapeutic preparations. We enquired about the by-product and found out it was coconut fat, which when heated becomes pure coconut oil. That’s when it struck us that we could perhaps produce something interesting.

We took on the onus of developing a product out of the Coconut fat. We researched the category and found that it was best suited for soap. This is when we approached one of the leading names in hand made soaps in India that exported worldwide to assist us in the development. With this, we set out on a journey to create India’s first handmade pure coconut soap. But, we did not want a mere handmade soap and decided that we would include key ingredients like Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Vetriver & Cedar Wood- each with therapeutic properties of their own such as anti-aging, anti inflammation anti stress & skin conditioning etc. Added to this was the all important pure coconut oil – the only natural oil containing lauric acids that is found in mother’s milk.

We developed the trademarked brand name of “Cocosoft” with the intrinsic property to have soft & supple skin. Cocosoft is available at leading supermarkets in India & online on Flipkart, United States, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait & Singapore.